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We want your fly fishing trip to be as fun and memorable as you do. To help you be as informed and prepared as possible, here are some questions we often hear.

Questions & Answers

Hat, sunscreen, polarized sunglasses, camera, weather-appropriate clothing, necessary medications, and snacks, as lunch is provided on full day floats only. Keep in mind temps and weather can change rapidly throughout the day from clear skies to thunderstorms in the milder months to snowy days in the fall and winter

Yes, if you would like to use your own equipment, we also supply all rods and reels if needed.

You can connect to the New Mexico State Parks web site from our web site.  Go to The San Juan River link in the top menu and follow the link at the bottom of the page that says get license.  Or click here.

In the Spring you should bring "layers" meaning warmer clothing as well as a rain jacket with the ability to remove clothing as the day progresses. Weather is always difficult to predict during the Spring.  It can be sunny one minute and cold and rainy the next.

In the Summer you should be prepared for warm to hot conditions.  Polorized sunglasses, sunscreen, uv protecting long sleeve shirt, and a hat.

In the Fall you should be prepared as you would for a Spring trip.  

In the Winter you should be prepared for much cooler temps and bring much warmer cloths.  The weather can be unseasonably warm at times, but come prepared with a down jacket and layers in case the weather warms.  

To be honest, every season is great for angling on the San Juan river.  In the Winter and Spring the water is murky or off color.  The fishing can be really good during these times of the year.  In the Summer and Fall the water clarity is "gin clear"  unless flows are increased.  During this time you will be able to view thousands of fish in the water and site fish to them.  


Insect size will vary, as in the Winter/Spring slightly larger flys can be fished.  In the Summer/Fall tiny insects are the meal ticket.  

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